Back To You | A Cinematic Sci-Fi Journey

by | Dec 12, 2023

Embark on a cinematic sci-fi journey with our main character in the "Back to You" photography project. Witness the struggle, solitude, and ultimate triumph as he seeks a lost energy source on Earth. This visual narrative transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of storytelling and captivating imagery.

“Back to You” is a photographic project characterized by a cinematic style inspired by the science fiction genre. Through a series of sequentially arranged images, we aim to visually narrate the story of our main character. Under inexplicable circumstances, he finds himself stranded on Earth, a deserted, inhospitable, and hostile place. His mission is clear: locate a lost energy source contained within a centuries-old chest sent to Earth for the benefit of its inhabitants. The purpose extends beyond being merely an energy source; it serves as a means of unity and kindness towards others.

Regrettably, humanity has been unable to harness this bestowed energy from a distant world. Consequently, our protagonist must locate the chest to return home and rescue his imperiled world. In the beginning, he experiences disorientation, despair, and a profound sense of solitude. Fortunately, he succeeds in finding the chest, activating the energy source, and ultimately returning home to safeguard his people and those he holds dear.


Photographer / Creative Director 

Giandomenico Veneziani 

JG @jeanven .official 

www .jeanven .com 

Model/ Actor 

Malich Cisse 

JG @malikcisseS 



IG @stefano_chiappi_management

JEANS 501® LEVI’S® ORIGINAL black trousers 

BOS 5 

white shirt 


Irene Carulli 

IG @irene .carulli 

Co -Creative director/Copywriter 

Claudia Carulli 






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