Ziggy Chen Spring-Summer ’25: The ‘Gnarticate’ Collection

by | Jul 4, 2024

Unveiling Ziggy Chen’s Spring-Summer ’25 'Gnarticate' collection. A blend of traditional Chinese roots with modern fashion, balancing beauty, chaos, and comfort in every design.

Photographer Adam Siwek had exclusive backstage access to Ziggy Chen’s Spring-Summer ’25 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Ziggy Chen Unveils Spring-Summer ’25 Collection: A Fusion of Chaos and Elegance

In the dynamic world of fashion, each season brings a new wave of creativity and innovation. Ziggy Chen’s Spring-Summer ’25 collection stands out as a masterpiece, intertwining the themes of nature and disruption. Inspired by the Chinese idiom that refers to intertwining roots, this collection, titled ‘Gnarticate,’ redefines traditional fashion by making the hidden visible and celebrating the beauty in chaos.

The Concept: ‘Gnarticate’

At the heart of Ziggy Chen’s latest collection is the concept of ‘Gnarticate.’ This unique term encapsulates the designer’s vision of roots and branches that are not just foundational but also disruptive. Instead of remaining underground, these twisted branches and intricate patterns emerge boldly, creating a visual representation of nature’s chaotic beauty.

Balancing Beauty and Decay

‘Gnarticate’ is more than just a theme; it is an exploration of contrasts. The collection navigates the delicate balance between beauty and decay, chaos and order, elegance and comfort. Chen’s inspiration from traditional architecture and the interplay of light and shadows within garden vegetation is evident in every piece. The result is a harmonious blend of structured yet fluid designs that embody both aggression and softness.

Color Palette and Materials

The color palette of the Spring-Summer ’25 collection is a testament to Chen’s artistic vision. The hues are reminiscent of colors faded by time, with various shades of purple, greens, and greys. These colors evoke images of garden walls entwined with strong, intricate branches, offering a sense of nostalgia and timeless beauty. The materials used in the collection further enhance this effect, drawing inspiration from the textures and patterns found in nature.

Silhouettes and Textures

Comfort and naturalness are the defining features of the silhouettes in this collection. Soft, flowing lines and natural shapes create garments that not only look elegant but also feel comfortable. The textures and patterns of the fabrics are carefully chosen to reflect both structured and aggressive shapes, providing a unique sense of soft pleasantness. Each garment is designed to move fluidly with the body, caressing the skin and creating a natural, flowing experience.

A Celebration of Natural Beauty

Ziggy Chen’s Spring-Summer ’25 collection is a celebration of natural beauty in its most raw and unfiltered form. By bringing the hidden roots and branches to the surface, Chen challenges conventional notions of beauty and elegance. The ‘Gnarticate’ collection invites fashion enthusiasts to embrace the chaotic and the unconventional, finding elegance in the unexpected.

In conclusion, Ziggy Chen’s Spring-Summer ’25 collection is a bold and innovative exploration of nature’s intertwined roots and branches. Through the concept of ‘Gnarticate,’ Chen creates a stunning visual narrative that balances beauty and decay, chaos and order. The collection’s colors, materials, and silhouettes all work together to evoke a sense of natural, flowing beauty. As we look forward to the coming season, this collection reminds us that true elegance often lies in the most unexpected places.

For those passionate about fashion and the stories it tells, Ziggy Chen’s latest collection is a must-see. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of fashion, where creativity knows no bounds.


Jum Kuochnin, Jef Verbanck, Denis Okischev

Michael Zielinski


Peter Thot, Chiang Jock


Li Cheng Yuan


Nazar, Danilo Markovic


Dries Haseldonckx, Peter Thot


Peter Ohunyon


Jef Verbanck, Denis Okischev


Michael Zielinski, Gaëtan Bianchi




Virgile Elana, Sung Young, Nazar, Junyeong Baek ,Louis D, Arthur Deprez


Jef Verbanck, Jum Kuochnin


Peter Thot


Denis Okischev


Junyeong Baek


Theodor Pal


Youssef Rocha, Li Cheng Yuan, Danilo Markovic, Michael Zielinski


Danilo Markovic, Cyane Camus


Jum Kuochnin


Jef Verbanck, Denis Okischev, Florian Lattemann

Michael Zielinski


Mike Vasilakis, Dries Haseldonckx, Peter Thot


Louis D, Arthur Deprez, Jef Verbanck


Denis Okischev



backstage photo: Adam Siwek @adam_siwek





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