Exclusive Backstage at JordanLuca S/S 25 Milan Show

by | Jun 25, 2024

Experience the exclusive behind-the-scenes moments of JordanLuca’s S/S 25 runway show in Milan. Captured through the lens of Adam Siwek, witness the innovative designs and fashion-forward creativity that define this extraordinary collection.
We had the exclusive privilege of backstage access at JordanLuca’s spectacular Spring/Summer 2025 runway show, hosted at Milan’s iconic Frigoriferi Milanesi. Through the lens of renowned photographer Adam Siwek, we captured the behind-the-scenes magic, unveiling the meticulous preparation and creative genius that brought this extraordinary collection to life.


Adam Siwek @adam_siwek


JordanLuca has elevated the fashion scene with their stunning Spring/Summer 2025 runway show, hosted at Milan’s iconic Frigoriferi Milanesi. The visionary duo, Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, have once again showcased their innovative blend of Italian and British influences, presenting a collection that masterfully intertwines traditional craftsmanship with modern experimentation.

The latest collection by JordanLuca is a testament to their daring approach, featuring a variety of synthetic fabrics and cutting-edge techniques while maintaining a focus on sculptural silhouettes. This season, the brand explores a rich tapestry of textures and styles, creating a visual feast that captivates and challenges the conventional norms of fashion.

A Symphony of Footwear and Movement

The runway was graced with an array of footwear styles, from elegant ballet flats to bold angular platforms and equestrian-inspired boots. Each step highlighted the dynamic range of shapes and movement, infusing the show with an almost choreographed grace. Models embodied the chic essence of the English countryside, draped in oversized coats and a distinctive tweed Harrington-bomber jacket hybrid.

Structured Knitwear and Bold Layering

JordanLuca’s penchant for unconventional layering was on full display, with structured knitwear meticulously placed over fitted lycra. The collection emphasized broad, accentuated shoulders and a palette of striking block colors. One standout look featured a jagged, pleated skirt paired with a sleek taupe-toned blazer, complemented by chunky silver jewellery and luxurious silk pieces.

Exquisite Detailing and Avant-Garde Elements

Attention to detail was paramount throughout the show, with elongated collar points, razor-sharp mohawks, and innovative plastic glazing over silks and denim. The designers pushed the boundaries of fit, presenting ballooned blouses that enveloped the models’ shoulders, creating an ethereal, almost otherworldly elegance.

Introducing the Revamped Gotham Bag

Adding a burst of color to the collection, JordanLuca unveiled a refreshed Gotham Bag capsule. The standout accessory appeared in vibrant shades like Predator Brown, Olympus Yellow, Olympus Blue, and Laminated Rose Fil Coupé. Designed in London and crafted in Italy, these pieces introduced a See Now, Buy Now concept, offering immediate exclusivity to the audience.

Minimalist Meets Maximalist

JordanLuca’s S/S 25 collection is a harmonious blend of minimalism and maximalism, showcasing the brand’s versatile approach to fashion. The collection caters to a craving for rule-breaking staples, offering a bold, forward-thinking wardrobe for the modern fashion enthusiast.

A Contrast in Fashion Narratives

While JordanLuca’s SS25 show broke new ground, Neil Barrett’s collection took a different path. Barrett’s pieces continued to refine the brand’s essentialist aesthetic but lacked the innovative flair that could have provided a fresh perspective. His collection, marked by luxurious materials and a juxtaposition of ballerina elegance and raw, unambiguous desire, offered a more subdued take on fashion’s evolving landscape.

JordanLuca’s S/S 25 runway show is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion. With their innovative designs and bold aesthetic choices, Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto have solidified their place as leading voices in contemporary fashion, setting a high bar for future collections.


Photography @adam_siwek , Mode- George Osborne





Photography @adam_siwek , Model Kristaps Legzdins


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Kristaps Legzdins


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Minjun Kim



Photography @adam_siwek , Model Minjun Kim


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Moritz Graefen


Photography @adam_siwek , Models Jum Kuochnin, Xu Meen(back), Oli Cook(back)


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Ilias Loopmans


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Kristaps Legzdins


Photography @adam_siwek , Models Samuel Luis Mueller, Moritz Graefen


Photography @adam_siwek , Models Olaniyan Olamijuwon, Oli Cook(back)


Photography @adam_siwek , Models Moritz Graefen, George Osborne, J Kee


Photography @adam_siwek , Models Youssef Sharaf, Jum Kuochnin


Photography @adam_siwek , Model J Kee


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Xu Meen


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Kirill Romanenko


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Ilias Loopmans



Photography @adam_siwek


Photography @adam_siwek , Models Noah Burke, Xu Meen


Photography @adam_siwek , Models ⸺, Theodor Pal


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Minjun Kim


Photography @adam_siwek , Model ⸺, Theodor Pal


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Minjun Kim


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Jum Kuochnin


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Minjun Kim


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Oli Cook


Photography @adam_siwek , Model Ole Dautzenberg

Photography @adam_siwek , Model Hazem Aly




backstage photo: Adam Siwek @adam_siwek

Jordanluca S/S 25 Show



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