A Journey into Enyi Okoronkwo’s Role as Rasselas in “Renegade Nell

by | Apr 10, 2024

Delve into the immersive experience of Enyi Okoronkwo as he embodies the character of Rasselas in the action-packed fantasy series "Renegade Nell." Gain insights into his journey, from memorable encounters with esteemed co-stars to his impassioned commitment to social activism.

Unveiling the Depths: A Journey into Enyi Okoronkwo’s Role as Rasselas in “Renegade Nell


 In the realm where fantasy intertwines with action, Enyi Okoronkwo emerges as a beacon of emotional depth and curiosity, embodying the character of Rasselas in the highly anticipated series “Renegade Nell.” In a recent interview with our features editor Sofia Deus, Okoronkwo delves into the allure of this project, shedding light on his immersive experience portraying Rasselas, a character characterised by his emotional intelligence and unwavering loyalty. As the global premiere of “Renegade Nell” looms on the horizon, Okoronkwo’s insights offer a tantalizing glimpse into the enchanting world viewers can expect to explore. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning both television and stage, Okoronkwo navigates the intricacies of his craft with finesse, leaving an indelible mark on each project he undertakes. Join us as we unravel the layers of Okoronkwo’s journey, from his memorable encounters with esteemed co-stars to his impassioned commitment to social activism, all woven together in the fabric of his artistry.


Photography: Klara Waldberg – Grooming: Maarit Niemela



SD – Congratulations on your upcoming role as ‘Rasselas’ in Renegade Nell! What drew you to this particular project, and what can viewers expect from your character in this action-packed fantasy series? 

ÉO – Thank you! It’s really exciting. The reality of the situation is that, like a lot of actors, I was jobbing and had just finished doing a run of a play called Dr Semmelweis and you enter the period where you don’t know when the next job will come… but the audition for this came through and I had such a fun time in the room with Lauren Evans and Melissa Wilkins. The character, Rasselas, was such a joy to play, he’s emotionally intelligent, loyal and full of a lovely curious energy 

SD – You’ve had an impressive run on both television and stage. How does your approach to acting differ between these two mediums and which do you find more challenging or rewarding? 

ÉO – There’s no real change in the approach, I feel it’s more of a difference in execution. I feel like screen work is like doing many different short plays throughout a day and that requires a different kind of stamina than doing a long run of the same play in a theatre. But it’s all about the characters, listening and learning your lines. I can’t say I know yet which I find more challenging or rewarding – hopefully, I have many more goes at both! 


Photography: Klara Waldberg – Grooming: Maarit Niemela


SD – Renegade Nell boasts an all-star cast and talented directors. Can you share any memorable moments from working with your co-stars or directors during the filming of the series? 

ÉO – My most memorable moment was meeting and working with Adrian Lester who is a hero of mine – I watched Hustle when I was a kid and not only was the lead character the coolest smartest guy in the room; he was also black! I read later that the character was written for a white man, and he had gone in and got the part anyway and I gained a belief that this was a career I could do… so working with him now is a madness! 

SD – Your role in Giri/Haji earned you recognition and praise from audiences and critics alike.    What do you think sets this series apart from others, and how did your character ‘James’ contribute to the show’s success? 

ÉO – I’m not sure I can say how I contributed to the show’s success! As an artist you just try and deliver the vision and work of the creatives whilst passing that vision through your interpretation of the work. And Julian Farino and Joe Barton are some of the best to ever do it. It’s actually harder to go ‘wrong’ with a Joe Barton script! 

SD – As an actor, activist, and filmmaker, you have a unique platform to address social issues. How do you incorporate activism into your work, and are there any specific causes or themes that you are particularly passionate about exploring through your art? 

ÉO – I think it’s really important that it isn’t just about the art we do, we are workers at the end of the day so being active in the union is so important to me. I think once you get involved with the work of recognising exploitation in this industry – that we often just assume is an egalitarian and just one – you see how far we have come from realising that our freedoms are tied to each other. So, I think it’s just as important to do the unglamorous and unsexy work of organising or joining a protest for junior doctors than it is to try and think the be all and end all is how I make the art I’m involved in radical.  



SD – The Lazarus Project and Unprecedented are vastly different projects in terms of genre and scope. What draws you to such diverse roles, and how do you navigate the challenges of portraying characters in various settings and narratives? 

ÉO – It’s pretty easy I think aha! That’s why I love this job. I never dreamed of only ever playing one character in one way and I’m often bored if I feel like I’m doing the same thing. We are all multifaceted and it’s a gift to get to explore that. 

SD – With Renegade Nell set to premiere globally soon, what do you hope audiences will take away from the series, and what impact do you think it will have in today’s entertainment landscape? 

ÉO – I really hope they will take some joy from it! I am in awe of the fact that our lead Louisa Harland can paint with so many colours but one of the things she leads the show with is joy. There’s also spectacle and action and drama if you don’t mind that! 

SD – “Looking ahead, what types of roles or projects are you eager to explore in the future, and why?”  

ÉO – I’m very open to be honest but I really think the writing is the key to any good project, so I have many writers I’d love to work with. I’d also love to work with my peers. There are so many beautiful Black British artists coming up and I want to continue learning and collaborating with them. 



Renegade Nell, featuring actor Enyi Okoronkwo, can be streamed on Disney +

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