Alastair: A Captivating Encounter at Balfron Tower

by | Jun 28, 2023

Witness the seamless fusion of fashion, architecture, and urban allure in 'Alastair: A Captivating Encounter at Balfron Tower'. Join us on a visual journey as Alastair, the embodiment of sophistication, brings to life the vibrant spirit of London against the backdrop of the iconic Balfron Tower.
In the captivating visual masterpiece captured by  photographer and art director, Wojciech Jachyra, London’s iconic Balfron Tower becomes a mesmerizing backdrop for the enigmatic figure of Alastair. 


As a model, Alastair effortlessly embodies the spirit of the city, exuding an air of sophistication and mystery against the backdrop of this architectural marvel. 

With the expert lens of Wojciech and the backdrop of Balfron Tower, this editorial transcends the boundaries of traditional fashion photography, immersing viewers in a captivating narrative that blends art, culture, and the vibrant energy of London.


@Copyright Wojciech Jachyra


Coat – RESERVED Turtleneck – ZARA Sweater – Re. Design by RESERVED Jeans – Ferragamo


Coat – RESERVED Turtleneck – ZARA Sweater – Re. Design by RESERVED



Turtleneck – ZARA Suit: RESERVED Shoes: All Saints




Jacket: LEVI’S Sweater: Re. Design by RESERVED Jeans: Diesel


Turtleneck – ZARA Shirt – JW Anderson Leather jacket and trousers – Re. Design by RESERVED Shoes: All Saints


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