Unveiling Mason: A Modern Model’s Journey

by | Sep 27, 2023

Step into the captivating world of Mason, a modern icon in the modeling industry. From a chance encounter to walking the runway at the Gucci Cosmogonie Cruise show, Mason's journey is an inspiration to all aspiring models.

Model Chronicles: Unveiling the Essence of Modern Icons – Mason’s Journey

Introducing “Model Chronicles: Unveiling the Essence of Modern Icons.” In this exclusive series, we delve into the captivating world of models, peeling back the layers to reveal their extraordinary journeys, personal triumphs, and hidden passions.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, we aim to showcase the authentic stories of these modern icons, offering a glimpse into their modeling careers, insights into their personal lives, and fascinating tidbits that make them truly unique.

Get ready to embark on a remarkable exploration of the modeling industry, as we unravel the lives and experiences of these remarkable individuals.

This captivating series invites you to step into the lives of these remarkable individuals and see the modeling industry from a new lens.


In the enchanting realm of the fashion and modeling industry, where beauty and charisma collide, we invite you to step into the world of Mason—a modern icon whose journey in modeling is as unique as it is inspiring. Mason’s story began with a serendipitous encounter in a shopping center, an encounter that would set the stage for a remarkable career. From that moment to gracing the runway at the illustrious Gucci Cosmogonie Cruise show, Mason’s path has been a tapestry of experiences and a testament to the power of authenticity in an industry known for its glamour. Join us as we unveil the essence of Mason’s extraordinary journey, revealing the layers beyond the glitz and glamour of the modeling world.




How did your modeling career begin? Can you share the story of how you took your first steps into the industry?

Mason reminisces, “Back in 2019, I was walking through a shopping center with my sister. We were on our way to get Boba tea when I was approached by Olie from Next. My sister Tatum is also a model and gave me a silent nod of approval. The following week, I had a test shoot in London and signed the same day.”

What advice would you give to aspiring models looking to break into the industry and make their mark?

“The first thing I’d advise is to take care of your skin and your body. Then, focus on what makes you unique, really explore that. I wouldn’t say modeling is something you can force; it’s a skill we all have. The difference is how we express it,” Mason suggests.

How do you find a balance between your professional life as a model and your personal life?

“At the start, the lights and cameras can be overwhelming, but I have always tried to remain humble, and I believe that’s what keeps me grounded. Being your own person is also important, and when you’re comfortable with who you are, you focus more on exploring the new experiences modeling has to offer and enjoy being around creative people,” Mason explains.

Can you share a piece of advice or mantra that has been instrumental in your personal and professional growth as a model?

“As the Beatles said – Let It Be. There are so many factors that are out of your control as a model. I focus on appreciating each day as it comes,” Mason reflects.

Outside of the modeling industry, what are some of your favorite hobbies or creative outlets that bring you joy and allow you to express yourself?

“I play the guitar religiously. I’m always playing and use my experiences to write my own songs. Writing helps me a lot when I’m traveling, materializing my thoughts and looking back at what I was feeling at the time,” Mason shares.

As a model, you have the opportunity to travel to various locations. What has been your most memorable travel destination so far, and what made it special for you?

Mason fondly recalls, “Definitely the Gucci Cosmogonie Cruise show. We traveled from Rome to Bari with the Gucci team and other models, so it was like one big family. After the show, artists such as Lana Del Ray and Maneskin performed. It was a true dream come true.”

Art has a way of inspiring and connecting people. Are there any specific art forms or artists that resonate with you, and how do they influence your perspective as a model?

“I really enjoy going to galleries and looking at historical art pieces. Music also hugely influences me, from the outfit I choose to wear to the way I walk down the street,” Mason explains.

Exploring different cuisines can be a delightful experience. Is there any particular type of cuisine or favorite dish that you enjoy?

“Being half Italian, I would definitely say Italian food!” Mason shares with a smile.

What is your star sign?


What is your favorite color?


What is the best film or series you’ve watched recently?




Mason is represented by Next Models





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