Autumn | Winter 2023 – Cauã Reymond


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Cauã Reymond: Unveiling the Multifaceted Artistry in Entertainment 


Brazilian actor Cauã Reymond, synonymous with talent and versatility, shines brightly in the entertainment universe. 

As our October cover star, he embodies the extraordinary blend of artistic passion and unwavering dedication. 

Dive deep into his dynamic world and uncover exclusive insights into his stellar journey, only in LEWIS. 


CAUÃ REYMOND (@cauareymond)

Photo: Higor Bastos (@higorbastos)

Art Director: João Pessoni (@joaopessoni)

Editor-in-Chief: Claudio Harris (@claudioharris)

Styling: Juju Bonjour (@jujubonjour)

Beauty: Rafael Senna (@sennarafael)

Set Design: Galpão Oito (@galpaooito)

Retouching of Images: Walter Moreno/Factory Retouch (@factoryretouch)

Head of Communications: Sofia Deus (@sofiadeus)

Publicist: Agência Enne (

Photo Assistant: Charles Warren (@charleswarren)

Fashion Production: João Robadey (@joaorobadeycampanati)

Styling Assistant: Manuela Padilla (@padillamanu)


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