Jack Rowan: Rising Star Shines in “A Town Called Malice”

by | May 19, 2023

Explore Jack's breakout role in "A Town Called Malice" and witness the extraordinary journey of this talented British actor.

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, certain individuals possess an undeniable spark that sets them apart from the crowd.

One such rising star who has been making waves with his exceptional talent and captivating performances is none other than Jack Rowan. With his magnetic charisma, unwavering determination, and a genuine love for the craft, Rowan has been leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

In this interview, I delve into Rowan’s breakout role in “A Town Called Malice” and explore the captivating journey of this rising star.




The English actor, who has achieved remarkable success in his career so far, has sat down with Lewis Magazine to discuss his journey, the challenges he faced, and the lessons learned along the way.

Born and raised in Pimlico, Greater London, Jack Rowan’s passion was boxing. Growing up, Jack practiced karate but soon found out he wanted something with more freedom of movement and being able to find his own style. By the age of 12 Jack was an amateur boxer, winning 18 of 27 fights.

Although acting was not a childhood dream, Jack always enjoyed taking part in school plays. However, due to a back injury, a break from sports was needed and Jack suddenly found himself with a lot of time on his hands, which led him to take acting more seriously.

All the passion he had for boxing ended up going into Saturday acting classes. After getting his first acting job and experiencing the buzz of a real job, he finally understood the injury was a blessing in disguise.

From Bonnie Gold in Peaky Blinders to Sam Woodford in Born to Kill, which earned him a BAFTA nomination for Best Leading Actor and a Welsh Bafta award, the actor’s impressive CV keeps on growing.

Lewis Magazine had the pleasure of catching up with Jack to discuss his latest leading role in a Town Called Malice. First impressions? A highly likeable character. Easy-going and good-natured, I am sure he is the one who has a great relationship with everybody.




SD – You won a Welsh Bafta for your portrayal Sam Woodford in Born to Kill. How does a teenager prepare for a role of a killer?

JR – I never knew I wanted to play a psychopath so badly until the opportunity presented itself. (laughs). I am glad they trusted me with this role although I was not very experienced. This was my first lead role, and it changed my whole mindset. I used to get nervous before auditions and thanks to this role I began feeling like I belonged.

SD – Can you describe the feeling of winning a Bafta?

JR – Well, I was nominated for a British Bafta, and unfortunately did not get that one, however because the show had been filmed in Wales, it was eligible for a Welsh Bafta, after I had lost all hope to win… I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was not only nominated but had won a Welsh Bafta. I keep it here near me. It sort-of tied the whole thing together, it was not only my first lead role, but I also was awarded for it. I am an immensely proud owner of it.








SD – Although you are best known for your portrayal of Sam Woodford, you credits include Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, two explosive seasons in Peaky Blinders, leading the cast in two seasons of BBC1’s YA drama Noughts and Crosses to name a few. From all the different characters you have played so far, which one was your favourite? And why?

JR – Wow…huh, they are all for varied reasons. Playing a psychopath was fun; but I would say, not because any other job was less fun, I would say A Town Called Malice, Gene Lord in terms of character development, it was the biggest journey I have gone on as an actor. It just felt like the next step.

SD – As mentioned earlier, you currently on a lead role; portraying Gene Lord in A Town Called Malice’ for Sky Originals. Tell us a bit more about the show?

JR – The story centres on young Gene Lord, whose family ran a south London crime syndicate back in the day. After a gang fight goes wrong, he and his new fiancée, Cindy played by (Tahirah Sharif), escape to the Costa Del Sol, where they are soon joined by the rest of the criminal family who see this move as an opportunity to rediscover their former glory. With this Gene and Cindy and drawn into the underworld of the sunny Spanish coast or as it was known back then, The Costa Del Crime.




SD – What attracted you to Gene’s character?

JR – Well the opportunity to work with the Director Nick Love, the script, the music, the clothes. I have played some oddballs, but feel that I have connected the most with Gene is the character. He feels the most central to who I am. His character development from the first episode to the eighth is huge. And the fundamentals of his personality are that he is someone you can trust, someone who means what they say, someone who has your back. But he does not act with his fists, he acts more with his brain and if I were a criminal, I would also be more logical I’d like to think.

SD – There is a lot of 80s dancing in the series. Do you consider yourself a natural dancer or training was needed?

JR – Absolutely not! Following choreography has never been my thing. I am the worst dancer ever! I can dance casually when I am hidden. My friend and I went to the same Saturday class, we were both terrible dancers and we were always at the back. There is a dance scene in A Town Called Malice, but I did step back a few rows (he laughs), and let others go to the front.

SD – The series were filmed in Tenerife, and apart from the great weather, what is it about filming on location that makes it special? Are there any fond memories of filming A Town Called Malice that you can share?

JR – That is another perk of the acting you know? it can take you to other places. Tenerife is a very slow-moving place; it was nice that we had our work side of things. Tenerife is essentially split between north and south… who cares about east and west (he laughs). The north is slow, very chilled, very calm, then you go to the south and you might as well be in England. We had a nice mix of work hard play hard.

SD – Which of the fictional characters you played so far; would you be excited to meet in real life?

JR – It must be Moomin troll. He is my hero! I always describe the character as a job that came along when I really needed it. Moomin troll came to my rescue during the pandemic, when things felt really bleak for everyone. He picked me up out of a rut and I am incredibly grateful to him.”

SD – Anything in works that you can talk about? Any exciting new projects?

JR – I am currently filming the series 4 of Moomins for Sky TV, I am the lead voice for Moomin Troll. I am immensely proud to do it and love every second.






A Town Called Malice is now available on Sky Max

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