The Extraordinary Journey of Actor Malcolm Kamulete

by | Jul 1, 2023

In this exclusive interview, we embark on an incredible journey with actor Malcolm as he takes us through the highs and lows of his path in the entertainment industry. From his early beginnings to his current successes, Malcolm's story is one of resilience, passion, and unwavering determination.
Champion: A Love Letter to Black British Music and Culture – An Exclusive Interview with Malcolm Kamulete



I had the distinct pleasure of engaging in a captivating conversation with the talented actor, Malcolm Kamulete. Join me as we delve into the depths of his extraordinary journey, uncovering the highlights and insights that have shaped his path in the world of entertainment. Prepare to be inspired as we unravel the story behind this remarkable artist and gain a deeper understanding of his unique perspective and experiences.

With the highly anticipated drama series “Champion” about to hit screens, we had the privilege of sitting down with Malcolm Kamulete, who takes on the leading role in this remarkable show. Set in London and paying homage to Black British music and culture, “Champion” promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

In this interview, Malcolm shares his thoughts on the series, his collaboration with renowned author Candice Carty-Williams, and his aspirations for the future.

As he continues to break barriers and make waves in the industry, it’s clear that their commitment to authentic storytelling and representation is shaping a bright future. With “Champion” poised to resonate with viewers on a global scale, it’s undeniable that Malcolm has firmly established himself as a rising star, ready to take on any role that challenges conventions and uplifts underrepresented communities.


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 SD- How does it feel to take on the leading role in Champion, a highly anticipated drama series that pays homage to Black British music and culture?

MK- It’s genuinely amazing! I’m so proud of what we have managed to create and also very honoured to be a part of this family! The feeling of returning to screen in a project as culturally important as Champion is second to none. I feel it was the perfect fit for me and I hope our story is able to register and connect with all the viewers.

SD- Can you share your experience working with Candice Carty-Williams, the renowned author of “Queenie,” who created Champion? How has her vision influenced your portrayal of the character?

MK- She is literally a visionary! It was amazing to see the writing come to life in real time. Her attention to detail, with my character in particular, was important to my process. She created all the nooks and crannies of each and every character as she clearly had carefully taken her time to shape them in her mind. This made it very easy for me to figure things out about Bosco and the story because she was so deeply connected to it. It was a great learning experience and hopefully we will continue to create magical moments together in the future!

SD- As a talented actor with previous notable roles like Ra’Nell in Top Boy, how does it feel to be recognized as one of The Face’s ‘Stars to Watch’? How has this recognition impacted your career?

MK-I want to thank The Face again because I’m really grateful for the recognition. I think it’s a great step in the right direction and it helps re-affirm that I’m someone who is here to stay. I intend to break the mould and create waves and this definitely helps in aiding that!

SD-  Champion is set in London, known for its rich cultural heritage. How did the city’s atmosphere and music scene influence your performance?

MK- Everything about Bosco encapsulates this; from his walk, to his attitude, to the way he speaks or raps… it’s all London influenced. I grew up around all different types of people with big energies and personalities! Myself being one of them. So I’d like to think Bosco is a mesh of people I know, or know of as well as myself.

SD- The series is described as a “love letter to Black British music.” What aspects of this music genre resonate with you personally, and how did you incorporate it into your role?

MK- Black British culture full stop! I’m a 90’s baby, so most things that are seen as ‘authentic black British’ experiences I have seen and experienced for myself. Parties/raves, music (grime, reggae, Afro beats, dancehall), food, religion, family, carnival, fetes and so much more. These all contribute to the authentic black experience and I think just having these experiences in my lifetime, very much helps in giving characters an extra edge when you are in the midst of building them.

SD- Can you tell us about the preparation and research you undertook to portray your character in Champion? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

MK- I won’t share all of my secrets, ha! What I will say is, I really tried to follow the emotional journey of Bosco more than anything else as he is a really complex person on the outside looking in. I in turn tried to find ways to emulate this complexity on camera whilst also displaying his many vulnerabilities.

This was very challenging as a lot of the headspaces I had to occupy were foreign to me but I just had to learn to separate the character from the man playing him as early as possible.

SD-  With Champion being a celebration of a significant cultural movement, what message or impact do you hope the series will have on its audience?

MK- I hope it will push people to follow their hearts, trust their instincts and believe in themselves wholeheartedly. There is no telling where you will be able to go if you do not make the attempt. I’d also say a bad worker blames his tools. So don’t cry over spilt milk, just continue to strive forward!


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SD- As an actor, how do you approach roles that represent and shed light on underrepresented communities and their stories? What responsibilities do you feel in bringing these narratives to life?

MK- I approach roles of that nature with authenticity and I always try to keep the natural elements that make it feel real and relatable. I feel major responsibility because I am an advocate for wanting to see more stories like this being told! Especially where the current narratives aren’t always as positive as this one. I believe we deserve to have more positive stories made about underrepresented communities because there are definitely success stories in underrepresented communities just as everywhere else. They just never look past the surface.

SD-  Netflix and BBC have a global audience. How do you think Champion will resonate with viewers worldwide, and what universal themes do you believe the series explores?

MK- I believe Champion will be a great success in connecting to the core of viewers as it has some relatable universal themes when it comes to love, loyalty, greed and family! I feel everyone and their cat has been faced with these themes and emotions in their lives and Champion really explores and depicts them in such a real way. I also think it’s a really family oriented show which is perfect to watch with everyone in the household!

SD-  What are your aspirations for the future, both in terms of your career and the type of roles you hope to take on? Are there any dream projects or collaborations that you would love to be a part of?

MK- My aspirations career-wise are to tap into the entirety of my creative sparks and churn out as much greatness as I possibly can. I am trying to be very intentional with the roles that I go for as I wholeheartedly believe in the work and want to do things that make me grow not only as an actor but also as person.Outside of acting, I want to get hands-on musically and release something sooner rather than later. If I had to choose a dream collaboration right now it would be with A24, as I love their film productions. If not A24, then my dream role would be Miles Morales (Spider-Man).


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As Malcolm Kamulete continues to break barriers and make waves in the industry, it’s clear that his commitment to authentic storytelling and representation is shaping a bright future. With “Champion” poised to resonate with viewers on a global scale. 

Keep an eye out for his inspiring journey as he continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.








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