Who we are

LEWIS is a British publication and e-commerce platform that focusses on ethical fashion, pop culture and art, and promote a healthy lifestyle with our articles that look into exercise, well-being and mental health.

We have partnered with a wider variety of fantastic designers, whose collections are available in our shop, and work closely with fashion brands to create innovation and to be progressive with respect to sustainability.

Our goal is to support labels that are committed to generating a positive change for people and our planet.

We believe that it is important to not turn our backs on brands that are on the early stages of this process. Instead, we wish to engage them in making a change by creating a conversation.

Sustainability in the fashion industry can only create a positive impact if we all work together; exchanging knowledge and supporting each other is a major step in this direction. This is a global issue which needs to be tackled by both individual businesses and collectively as an industry.

We connect with young new designers and encourage them to continue to make a change to this industry through their environmentally-focused mindset use of materials.

We believe that it is important to continue publishing, and to feature diversity and uniqueness of our models, and to celebrate their talent.

Representation is at the core of our values at LEWIS.


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