Who is in Town – Adam Rom

Hi Adam, nice to e-meet you! To start off, can you tell us your age and from where you are originally?
Hey Lewis mag , Good to e-meet you too. I’m 20 and from SW London.


What is your star sign?


Would you say that your star sign matches your personality?
Yeah, I definitely have some of the classic Leo tendencies, the other signs in my birth chart also play a big part of my personality I feel.


How did you get scouted as a model?
I was walking out of Hyde park on 4/20 with a group of friends and then one of my agents, approached me and handed her card.


Next to modelling, you’re also a recording artist. How did this career path come about?
Growing up, I was always pulled towards music. I taught myself guitar / bass / keys / drums when I was younger, it came quite naturally to start producing music and singing. When I was 17 I got signed and then from there that’s all I was doing up until about 6 months ago


Your bio on Instagram says ‘singer, producer, songwriter, model, photographer’. What talent feels the most natural to you?
I feel a pull to all of them but music has always been my thing.


Can we expect more music from you in the future?


What is your personal favorite hot spot in London?
The river strip in Hackney Wick


How would you describe London in three words?
Diverse, soulful, evolving


What is on your 2022 bucket list?
To continue to be healthy, happy, peaceful, abundant, travel as much as I can, learn, release more music, walk at one of the fashion weeks and get a big campaign.


What is the best advice you have ever received?
The most important relationship in our lives is the relationship with ourselves, once you truly understand the importance of how you treat/ think / talk about yourself and once you fix that to become loving and positive, every single other relationship (work / partner / friends / etc) will thrive.


For what would you like to be remembered?


A true artist!




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