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Creator | Model | 2m TikTok


After a two year hiatus of in-person celebrations, talent and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world are on their way to see the newest trends from the Parisian catwalk and Fabian Arnold is among them. Hours before the German model, turned content creator, turned entrepreneur has to catch his flight to the city of light, the 25 year old has found some spare time to catch up with us on this sunny afternoon in the beginning of March over Zoom.

He finds himself at his parents house, in a small town next to Cologne. Due to his familiar setting we find Fabian in a more relaxed and laid-back surrounding than we are used to seeing him on his Tik Tok channel, which has an impressive following of 1,9 million followers. Fabian greets us very welcoming over the small screen with his NBA cap turned backwards and a black hoodie. Fabian or ‘Fabs’ as his friends tend to call him, is ready to break free and to come on his own. He opens up about his past struggles with bullying and how not having a plan can actually be a good thing. 

Full story and interview in print


Presenting Fabian Arnold @fabianxarnold

Photography  @elenibogatini

Interview David Paul @itsdavidpaul

Retouching @retouch_vita

Art Director @richardluis_edit 

Graphic Intern @renanaraaujo


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