LEWIS Art Issue 1 – Gioele Patroni Cover

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The evocative imagery of Caravaggio is a departure point for this first edition of Lewis Art, featuring a selection of artists whose work is unified by a shared admiration of the Old Master. Even using the term “Old Master” doesn’t seem to apply to Caravaggio as it does with other famed artists. There’s something so raw, so timeless about Caravaggio’s work that manage to transcend centuries.

Contributors Giorgio Branduardi, Giuseppe Riserbato, Fabio Cicerale, Alberto Ghidotti, Vincenzo Palatiello, Sandra Monterosso, Mattia Marazzi, Juri Schiavi, Damiano Seminara, Alberto Ghidotti, Rebecca Lai, Camilla Conterio, Jackson Davies, Claudio Harris, Lewis Cameron, Lauren Bell, Justine Collins, Neat Rayit, Aaron Lesta, Kernius, 

Alessandro Cheese, Bryan Duarte, Lorraine Betta, Gaia Orrù, Yilin Chen, Christian Manzoni, Clara Barbagallo, 


Giove Taioli / M.O.M Agency

Flavio Lavecchia / Nologo Mgmt

Federico Quaini / Nologo Mgmt

Giole Patroni / Brave Models

Jakob Jokerst / URBN Management

Simone Stravolo / Independent Mgmt

Alfonso Gebbia / Fashion Art Wise Management

Alessandro Chessa / Agency Boom Models

Helios Teck / Indastria Model

Matteo Franchini / Crew Model Management

Matteo Andrea Polini / Brave Models

Simone Didia / I Love Models Mngt

Aaron Cho / Forte Model Management

Harry Kirton / 777 Casting Management

Amon / 777 Casting Management

Emerson / 777 Casting Management

Felix Young / 777 Casting Management

Calvin Mercado / East West Models

Andres Mosquera / Nevs Models

Zack Tidswell / Next Models

Jaden Storm / Next Models


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