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From boyband to silver screen. Whilst doing research on Carson Boatman, I found out, he recently got married to Model Julana Dizon, joined soap opera Days of our Lives, and starred opposite the late Cameron Boyce in the Indie Film Runt. What struck me was that most of the research I came across only began from when Carson moved to LA at the age of 19. So, I took it upon myself to find a bit more about this star’s background… 


Tell me how was growing up in Iowa? 

CB – I would say growing up in Iowa was idealistic. First, I must thank both my parents. They are so incredible. You know, they are both my heroes, my mom, and my dad. But I think that growing up in a smaller town. Kind of like I did, you are granted certain freedoms as a kid. Maybe not granted as a kid growing up, say in Manhattan. There are definitely a lot of pros to growing up in Manhattan as a kid you become more cultured, you are exposed to more probably more activities to do. 


A bit more streetwise. I added 


CB – A little more streetwise perhaps, yes, but growing up the way that I did, my brother and I… my dad took a job in Des Moines So, we moved when we were young, first or second grade. But my grandparents still live in the town that I was born in and grew up in. So, every summer, my brother and I would go from Des Moines, back to Hamburg, Iowa, to stay with my grandparents for a few weeks. And it was so cool as a kid because we wake up, my grandma would make us breakfast. And then we hop on our bikes, we ride a mile to the to the pool, where we do your swim team practice. And then we had all our friends that were on the same swim team, and we kind of just all have our bikes have our little, you know, $10 that our grandma gave us for the day and figure out how he wanted to budget it. And we just be out all-day riding bikes, getting dirty, you know, doing dumb things… 

Having a real childhood, I added. 


CB – Yes, having a real childhood. So, I think it was cool to grow up with that sense of freedom.   


Yes, fantastic. And was acting a childhood dream?  


CB – That’s always a hard question. For me. It was, but I think I did not know. You know? I always wanted to do it. But again, growing up in in that type of smaller town environment, there isn’t really acting on the table, you know, as an option for a thing to do when you grow up. So, I feel very fortunate to have been able to somehow stumble into it and discover it at a fairly early age still. But no, to answer your question, I guess I do not know that it was. I know I loved going to the movies, watching movies. You know, I just always, I like the way it makes me feel. so, I think I have always had a love and passion for it and probably secretly always wanted to, but I am fortunate to have been able to discover an avenue and be able to, you know, at some level succeed at it.  


 Oh, that is good. I continued, when you arrived in LA at 19, which is where always starts “I smiled” were you set on singing or acting? 


CB – I moved out to LA to be an actor. Singing just kind of… it kept popping up. I had friends who would be starting bands or whatever and want me to join it and I joined but then I ended up skipping practice because I had an audition. I always thought you know; I am here to be an actor. If singing helps me book a role, that’s a plus. You know what I mean? Yes, but it was not my initial goal. I have discovered a love for it since and discovered I love writing songs. I love performing. I love connecting with fans, but I think acting always has been my first love. 


That is nice. Citizen Four, what was the most exciting thing about being part of a successful Boy Band? Carson’s calm and honesty answering my question was a breath of fresh air.  


CB – No, I would not know the answer to that. I do not know if I have been a part of the successful boy band. But being a part of a boy band, I can elaborate on. It was, it was super exciting. You know, it really was super exciting as a young kid, I was 20 years old. Or 21 Maybe when we signed to Island Records, which just as a as a young person, you think, “Wow I got it made” a record deal to a major label. Here we go. You know what I mean? That was not the case. It was definitely a challenge, but we got to do a lot of cool things; We toured with Sabrina Carpenter, we, you know, when all over the US, got to go to a lot of cool Grammy parties, but it is hard to be in a band when you are placed there and put together, You know, it was not like we all met up, decided we liked each other and decided to start a band. 


I could see exactly where he was going… formed I added  


CB – Yes, we were all already pursuing the entertainment industry either in music or not, but as kind of a solo thing. So, you take for people that all want to be the star and stick them in a group. 


I agree with Carson, it can be incredibly challenging as he continued to explain, especially when Josh Levi is in the band because he is just such a great vocalist. It drove us all nuts because he got all the best parts. As I had seen one of Citizen Four videos, I told him I knew who he was talking about, I also added that the only one in the band who I did not hear sing was the long blonde haired which I found out to my surprise that he is Carson’s younger brother and in Carson’s own words, a much better singer.


CB – I think he is a way better singer than me. But it was a wonderful experience. We got to travel, I made a lot of friends and connections that I still have to this day, mentors. And it was good lesson. You know, teamwork makes the dream work.  


Yes, exactly. And you got to do those things with your brother was always great I added… Carson continued:  


CB – Got to go to all these different cities with my brother. And yes, it was really cool; Carson then added: but successful Boy Band. Debatable! 


I was so impressed at his down to earth attitude I had to thank him for being sincere before moving on to the next question. So, what made you transition from boy band to solo country singer? 


CB – Well, it was super easy, because we got dropped. So, there was no other option. So, we were dropped from the label. Um, there was no more band. And I thought, hey, you know, I like country music. That is what I like to do. It is what I listen to, it tends to be more along the lines of I write. Yes. And so, I just thought, well, you know, I have this kind of foot in the door and the music industry now from being signed to Island being in Citizen Four. People are aware of Citizen Four and what that all was, so I thought, well, I will just take my shot. Well, I have still got a little bit of momentum I mean do my own stuff, put my own stuff out, but my own, you know, spin on music that I like and did that, and I am still doing that. But it was really, I was kind of, I do not want to say excited. It sucks getting dropped from the label. Kind of it opened me up to get back into acting, which is what I am, you know, what you wanted to do? There were a couple cool opportunities that popped up whilst in the in the band that I had to turn down just because of contractual obligations. So, I think everything…You know? It is funny in life, and now I am just now I am just rabbit trail. It is all like how sometimes things seem so bad and like, it is the worst thing ever that is happening to you. And as it turns out, there is so many things that I have gotten to do and experience that I would never have done. Had I stayed on that boyband track. Yes. I would not have met or certainly might not have stayed with my beautiful, beautiful wife Julana. 


Yes. Congratulations on the wedding! I saluted him. 


“Thank you very much. Thank you” he added with a proud smile as he continued:  I wouldn’t be on this show, I wouldn’t have all my all these new friends from Days, I wouldn’t have done Runt. There is just so many things that have stemmed from that. 


The word that popped in my mind was gratitude. Although getting dropped from the label seemed like a setback, I was amazed how he had chosen to outline all the positives. So, I shared my favorite expression, I really like the expression glass half full. Because we always think, oh, it is half empty, but it is half full. So, you got to do a lot of things. One door closed another 20 opened. Carson agrees with me. 


Congratulations on becoming a screen regular on Days of Our Lives.  


CB – Thank you. Thank you very much. 


How do you feel about joining one of the most famous and long running soap operas in the American history? They have been going on for a while? 


CB – “Since 1965? Season 57 baby” Carson added rubbing his hands with enthusiasm before adding; Yeah, honestly, I cried, I cried when I when I got the news. I feel so fortunate and so lucky to be a part a show you know, such a show, it really does have such a rich history. It is legendary. And it is just so much fun. You know, it is really, it is cool. It is so different from taking on a on a film role. Because with this, it is like, you could be playing this character instead of for five weeks for years, you know, months and years. And you get to live in that character and discover things that you might not find in five weeks really, really. But you know, doing something for eight, nine months, you are like, oh, this is just you understand it better. So, it is cool.  


You grow with the role I added?  


CB – Exactly. Yes. Well 


You have played Gavin in Bedeviled, Ryan in Stalked by my Doctor. Clark in Devilish Charm. And finally, Hank, in the wildly anticipated indie film, Runt. 


Before I continued, I had to tell Carson I had seen the trailer and was very curious to watch the whole film. Carson smiled and suggested I download it on Amazon Prime straight after the interview, I was surprised to know it was available for download, but extremely excited. 


“Oh, fantastic” I added before continuing” Out of so many great roles you have performed as an actor, which one was your favorite? And why?  


CB – Ryan in stalked by my doctor is a is one that I mean, I will never forget any of them. Ryan in Stalked by my Doctor was kind of first thing that I booked that was seen on TV. So, I remember that was like my first me feeling like I am on a movie set, you know, doing I am doing some stuff, you know, of cool stuff. So, for that reason, I really, I feel, you know, very thankful and in connected to that, but I would say I am favorite to play probably Hank in Runt, because he is so different from me. So, it was a little more of a challenge, had to push myself a little more in certain instances, you know, doing things to people that I probably; would not ever do to anybody in real life, hopefully. So just embracing that challenge, working with Cameron Boyce, working with Jason Patrick, who is just, you know, legendary. 




Funny enough I had seen Sleepers a few days earlier and after mentioning it to Carson we had a moment naming other Jason Patric films.  


I then continued: Oh, um, speaking of Runt, what attracted you to the Hank character? When you read the script, you thought? 


CB – Ah, well, to be quite brutally honest with you again, it was a job that I was going to get paid to do. And so, as an actor “They come few and far between.”  There is a certain stage in your career where you cannot be too choosy. Um, I auditioned for Vic the role that Aramis Knight played who is the main bad guy. Oh, yes. Obviously, that went to Aramis. And they offered me the role of Hank instead, and so I had already read the script was excited about it. I had not done a film yet that was so true to life. You know, I have done Stalked by my Doctor and then Bedeviled, which Stalked by my Doctor is a little farfetched; Bedeviled is, you know, paranormal? So, this was something like real life, real problems, its gritty, it has heart and slight edge to it. And I and I really liked that.  


At this point I explained to Carson, that I agreed with him. That one of the reasons I wanted to watch the film was because as a mother, you have no idea what happens out there. 


Carson continued – You know, and then at that point, I do not think we knew Cameron was going to be attached, I did not, I am sure somebody knew. And that was just kind of a kind of a bonus on top of it all, you know, being able to share that experience with him and yes, that was very cool. 


Um, you start opposite. Brianna Hildenbrand and the light Cameron boys Jason Patrick, to name a few. How did you feel to work with such a diverse group of people?  


CB – Honestly, it was cool. Briana has been a friend for years. So, it was cool to be able to work with her, which I had not done prior, but we had been friendly over the years. I was really stoked to work with Jason Patric, so that was cool. And, honestly, it was such a unique film set… I will probably never be on a film set like that again. All of us just became so close, like best buds, you know, me and Javier Bolanos talk a lot still today. And you know, Nicole Berger, who plays Cecily, and her entire family– it is like we have become like a close knit bunch. They have like embraced my wife Julana and I as their own. You know, so it has been really cool to have created those relationships and spend time with such truly just talented, beautiful, kind people.

Carson’s answer was so honest, I felt speechless. Great anwser,  I said very deep felt… 


CB – Yes, well, it is it, it is a heartfelt film. 


Before moving on to my next question, it was time to let Carson know how romantic I thought his proposal to Julana was with the written song and how sweet of them including the dogs as flower carrier and ringbearer. Bonus points for you I added. Carson made a victory fist and smiled. 


How do you balance fame and family? 


CB – After some thought and attempts on putting his thoughts in to words, Carson continued:  It is not much of a balancing act, because family is always first. So, there is no balancing because everything is second to that. So, if you prioritize something, you know, it becomes… I am going to try and make an analogy. So, like, if you want to become the greatest at something, it is all about priorities, right? So, let’s say I want to be the best basketball player in the entire world. I got to devote my whole life to playing basketball and I might become the best basketball player that has ever been. No one will ever be better. But when you can devote so much time to something becoming that great. You cannot give that much time and effort to everything. Yes, you must choose what you want to be great at and I would rather be a great husband. Hopefully, Father, for now settle for dog dad, friend. I would rather Excel there and let other things take little hits along the way. So, to be quite honest with you, I would love to, you know, win an Emmy, or win an Oscar someday but I do not know that I will ever be the greatest actor in the world. Because I choose to prioritize other things. And that is not to say I do not love acting because I do. Um, and I and I love the entire industry. Movie magic is magic you know? But it is make believe at the end of the day. 


Once again, what a great answer, I thought before adding: Well, yes. And you know wedding… Marriage is real.  


CB – Yeah, I got to live with my wife every day. “You know what I’m saying?” I can leave set if it is not going well. Exactly I agreed, we concluded that note with some laughs.  


Tell me which of the fictional characters you played? Would you be excited to meet in real life? This one, Carson quickly replied. 


CB – Johnny DiMera from Days because he is a billionaire. He might take me for a ride on his plane. Or at least buy me lunch. You know, I know, wherever I go with Johnny, Johnny’s got the bill. More laughs… 

Like I know, this is a bit of a sad subject. How does it feel to have worked with Cameron Boyce on his last project? 


CB – Man, you know, it is bittersweet. You know, it is this whole… it is so you know? we have been to the screening of the movie a couple times. And it is always so… 


Surreal? I added. 


CB – surreal, and interesting to see him there on screen and see him, you know, even see myself across from him like this, you know, um, it was an incredible honor to work with him first of all without knowing what was going to happen. It is more of an honor now to know that you know? we’ve all shared his last piece of work that he will ever put out with him. And to have it be something that he genuinely was so passionate about. For him that this was going to be his statement for his breakout of Disney thing like, I am Cameron Boyce! and I am a damn good actor, you know. So, to be able to share something that he was so passionate about with him for his last project it is very meaningful. 


If you could tell him anything now, what would you tell him? As I saw Carson’s eyes tearing up, I added, oh, I do not want to upset you. 


CB – Oh, no, no, no, you know, you are not upsetting me. It is, you know, I am just… good job, man. You know, like, everyone is just so impressed with his work. And it is, I just would, you know, just to put it simply just you did a really fucking good job. “I do not know if I can say that word.” added… 


Do not worry. Yes. I understand. Brilliant. Thank you so much. Anything else in the works? You want to talk about? Where can we expect to see you next? 


CB – Ah, um, yes, I have a new single out called Name on Your Phone, which I wrote and recorded with some good friends of mine. I put that out last month. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon. Anywhere that streams music, you can find that along with any other song that I have ever put out. 


Will look it up I replied. 


Yes, you can catch me on Days of Our Lives weekdays on NBC or later in the days on Peacock.  


Suddenly it was time to say goodbye to the sweet, sincere, funny, and down to earth Carson. 


Aww, it has been a real pleasure talking to you Carson… as I began telling him how I felt about the interview he spoke at the same time… 

CB – Likewise Sofia, you know, this was my favorite interview. 


I was so happy that the feeling was mutual. Carson has such a wonderful personality, honesty, the down to earth star. This was a hugely enjoyable conversation. Carson added “Yeah, I really enjoyed it.” Oh, fantastic. I went on to wish him, Julana, and the dogs all the happiness and success in the world. 


CB – Likewise, your kids. 


Your you know, all the best of you, career. I know you will do well, both family and career… and music. You are a triple threat. And smiling we said our goodbyes.  


Thank you. Good-bye, Carson.  


CB – Thank you. Good-bye. 


 PS – I have listened to Name on Your Phone and love it, great sound, the beat, lyrics, Top Carson. Well done. 


Runt is out now available to stream on Amazon Prime.


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