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With talent in her blood, London born RnB singer Alice Dallin, is no stranger to the world of fame. She has cultivated her talent organically and not followed the easy path, preferring to work independently allowing her to keep full creative control and vision. And this vision has proven to be rewarding; with a silky smooth voice and a keen eye for ‘big issues’, Alice has taken social issues and raised them. With an incredible talent such as hers, and a terrific self-drive, we can only expect a bright future for her.



It is amazing that you have taken the plunge into the world of music; how did you start on this path?

I have always loved music & singing, ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I was surrounded by music. The first time I wrote something was with my Dad when I was only 11. He had a small studio set up & we recorded a basic little song called “The Only One,” the lyrics weren’t great (understandably) but I just remember loving the whole process & being on the mic; it just felt like home! Fast forward a few years and the next time I would be recording something would be with Oscar Scheller in his bedroom. 


How have you found being in this industry so far?

I definitely can’t complain about my experience so far as it’s been really positive. However, I am currently an independent artist, so it can be difficult at times. Self-funding isn’t easy & requires a part time job to support your dream. The industry itself can be tough to crack but creatively I’ve had the pleasure of working with really talented & genuine people so I feel very lucky in that respect. 


It is no secret that you have come from a line of musically minded people. Do you think that this has had an influence on you becoming a singer? 

I’ve grown up around music my whole life so I think, inevitably, it has had a big part to play in where I am.
I’d watch gigs & go backstage or I’d travel abroad with my parents & see how it all works behind the scenes. Years ago I remember my Mum playing the Stade de France in Paris & the atmosphere was electric. There was a specific moment where I thought, “Wow I’d really love to do this too.” I’ve always felt a special connection to music, even as a child I would always be performing in our living room! If I didn’t have it as a creative outlet, I don’t know what I’d do. 



What have been your musical inspirations so far?

I have always loved Brandy for her tone; it’s so effortless & rich. I used to listen to her album “Never Say Never” on repeat as a kid. TLC, Destiny’s Child & Aaliyah were firm favourites of mine as well. And obviously there are the late greats; Prince, Whitney & Michael Jackson. Their music was always playing in our household. 


You have a wonderfully malleable voice in terms of musical style, but what genre would you say really resonates with you?

Aw thank you, that’s very kind! It’s so hard to pinpoint exactly as I truly appreciate all types of music but I think I am more of a Soul/RnB girl. I feel a connection to it and I think that my voice suits it. 


What type of music do you find yourself listening to? And which artists are you loving at the moment?

It really depends on my mood- one minute I could be listening to Rihanna “BBHMM” (B**** Better Have My Money) then the next I’m listening to Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits!
But I do love Mahalia, she’s so so good. I saw her support Jorja Smith a few years back & always knew she was going to be massive. I also really like H.E.R, Snoh Aalegra, Sabrina Claudio & Jhene Aiko for some super smooth RnB tunes. 


You have been working with Oscar Scheller for some time now and have been busy on your new EP. How did that friendship come about?

I have known Oscar since we were 14 years old; we used to go to the same house parties & random Shoreditch nights. We just instantly clicked & he is best friends with one of my good friends so has always been a constant in my life. He is the loveliest man & so easy to work with. With this second EP, I wrote my new single “Forever Mine” with Oscar but I worked primarily with the equally talented Jimmy Robinson, aka “Big Pretty,” & I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. 


Who would be your dream artist to work with on a musical project? 

I think Rihanna would be amazing to work with, I’ve listened to her music since her “Pon de Replay” days & since then she’s crossed over into so many things from fashion to make up. She’s iconic. 


We feel that your work is incredibly authentic and reflects some of your outlooks on the world; why do you think that channelling this is important in the music industry?

Thank you very much! I think being authentic is crucial. You hear stories of people being moulded into something they’re not in the music industry & I can’t imagine anything worse. I think I learnt that from my Mum; never be something you’re not, because people can tell & it won’t translate. I write from the heart, whatever the emotion. 


Your song ‘Offline’ explores issues with our online society; what other big topics can we expect you to work through on your new EP?

My new EP covers topics from online trolling to self-love/ acceptance, love & heartbreak but the overall theme I found was strength. This notion that you can overcome adversity. I enjoy writing about society & things that are happening in the world, as I think it’s important to draw attention to certain issues that affect us all. 


We would love to hear about your writing process. What do you do to get you in the mood to sit down and channel your creativity?

I write primarily from experience or take feelings from a certain situation and channel them into a song. If something has annoyed me, it’s very easy to take pen to paper and vent. I like to properly think about what I want to write / say & sometimes I have a title in mind before I’ve even written anything or thought about a melody. This was the case for “Offline” – I was getting increasingly frustrated with social media & wanting to be ‘offline’. That word stuck in my head & it just sparked from there.
I love sitting down at my table & coming up with melodies & ideas from YouTube instrumentals. A melody or hook can also just come to me when I’m walking down the road & I have to record it quickly on my phone before I forget it. I end up looking a bit crazy as I do so. 


What type of story are you hoping to tell with your songs? Have these been based on experience?

As mentioned, I mainly write from experience. Everyone faces hardships in life & I just want people to listen to my music to feel empowered. I want us all to realise that whatever we are going through, we will be okay. I think my story is one of strength. 


And lastly, where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Hopefully I would have played sold out stadium tours by then! Honestly, I think just still doing shows, writing & having some albums under my belt would be amazing. A Brit (award) would be cool too!



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