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We’re back for ‘Unfiltered Q&A’ with none other than one of my favourite models, Blake. Just like a lot of the other new faces I’ve come to love, I found Blake Kalawart through Instagram. This guy has had an amazing year working and shooting with some incredible people, including our Chief Editor Claudio Harris for Lewis’s older brother Kuhl. I, of course, had to wait till the perfect time to interview him for Lewis as I knew that he had so much still brewing for this year but after his summer working in Europe with clients like Armani, it proved the perfect time to sit down with him for an interview.



Hi Blake

Hi Lewis Magazine, Hey Collen


What’s your full name? 

Blake Andrew Kalawart (middle name from my great grandpa)


Where are you from?

Salad bowl city a little farm town called Hudsonville in West Michigan. Only famous person to ever make it from there was Taylor Lautner haha

How would you describe yourself?

Hmmm well, I’ve always been a very relaxed happy go lucky go with the flow kind of guy until it comes to sports, then I’m very competitive. Sports were always a big part of my life. For the most part, I’m a sloth haha I love a good nap on a rainy day, which rarely ever happens in LA so when it does I have to take advantage of it. A big advocate for positive thinking and meditation. I spend a lot of time inside my own head evaluating myself trying to grow every day. I have to be outgoing for this job but as soon as it’s done it’s back to being an introvert.


How did you get into modelling?

I never actually wanted too. When I was 18 I got a huge tattoo of my last name on my back and my mother told me not to say that I shouldn’t because I could model someday. I said that’s never going to happen haha so moral of the story is listen to your mother! I didn’t try to get into the industry until basically everyone in my life was asking me why I’m not at least giving it a shot. I got my first agency by shooting with some local photographers in Grand Rapids, MI and Chicago, IL and posting one tagging a ton of agencies on Instagram. That’s when Elite in Miami found me and signed me over the phone while I was at my brother’s wedding in St. Thomas. That was my first agency before flying out to LA where I chose LA models to be my mother agency.


What was your first modelling job?

Oh man, I can’t even remember I think it was an Ecomm job in my hometown for Merell shoes haha not the most exciting job but you have to start somewhere right.


You spent the summer in Europe doing lots fashion work, how was that?

I absolutely loved going to Europe! I started in London and fell in love with city instantly. A beautiful city with the best tube system in the world in my opinion haha. I was only there for two weeks so it was hard to get the ball rolling in that short amount of time but loved every minute of it. I’m looking forward to getting back the people of London were super nice! After London, I flew to Milan. Milan is really where my career started to take off. Working for Armani, Dolce and Gabanna, Kappa, Carlo Pignatelli, Maserati and much more. I had such a great time working and travelling all over Italy and eating all the delicious food. Especially when I took a trip to Rome for the Italian MTV Awards what an amazing city that was!


How did you feel walking in the Armani SS18 show?

That was my first fashion show…ever. So needless to say I was a bit nervous walking for such a prestigious brand for my first time. Having Mr. Armani himself pat you on the back as you step onto the stage for your first time was a rush of adrenaline. Especially when you turn the first corner of the catwalk and the light hits you and the cameras start to flash with the base of the music hitting you, it’s all a lot to take in at once. You can’t imagine all the work that goes into a 10-minute show, haha but I’ve been working for them ever since and I’m very grateful for that.

Are there any brands you’d like to work for that you haven’t worked for yet?

Yes! All of them, haha but if I had to pick a few right now I’d have to go with D Squared, Versace, Philip Plein and I’m a big fan of John Varvatos I love the rockstar style he brings to the game.


Is there a photographer you’d really like to shoot with?

It would be amazing to work with Mario Testino I don’t have to tell you how good he is haha he’s magic with a camera and vision.


What’s the important thing to you?

Relationships. With my family and friends and leaving a smile on anyone’s face that I meet in life. In such a cold world a smile can warm a strangers heart. Kindness cost you nothing.


What’s something that not many people know about you?

I’m pretty much an open book. No pride no shame haha. So I’ll tell you something interesting like the fact that I’ve been run over by golf carts three times! I live to tell the story and have the scars to prove it haha!


What’s your favourite city?

If I could take London’s tube system and put it in LA then that would be my favourite city haha. LA is just my kind of lifestyle it’s got everything you need or ever wanted. I love the beaches and the city is great it’s not too big or overruns with people like NYC. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to live in the sun where the palm trees are and modelling has provided that for me.


What’s your favourite song at the moment?


Take it all back 2.0 by Judah and the Lion I love folk music and pop music so mix those together and you’ve got gold.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Living a simple life on an island in a small house with a wife and kids just working and surfing. Some days I want to own the world and some days I wouldn’t mind just having a small hut on the beach so we’ll see what happens haha


Last question, where can people keep up with you and find your new work?

Instagram @Blakesbehavior

facebook Blake Kalawart

Twitter blake_kally

Snap chat Kallly

Special Thanks to Sergio Garcia & @LA Models 

Interview by @Collen Demerez



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