The Resurrection of 1970’s Style By Thomas Mackie

The Resurrection of 1970’s Style By Thomas Mackie

Autumn/winter 16 has certainly seen the resurrection of fashion from the 1970s, with that glam rock and disco style that was sported over 40 years ago making a reappearance on the catwalk.

Fashion in the seventies changed the face of history, as originality finally came onto the fashion scene, with men wearing clothing that would have been unthought of just a decade before.

Wide-legged trousers, shearling, and tracksuits were sported on the runway back in September, with inspiration coming from the pop culture and glam rock icons of the era.

The resurrection of the wide legged trousers and the decline of skinny jeans is the biggest change that has seen the comeback of the seventies style. The 70s flare cut is ideal for smart casual attire or can even be manipulated for a much more informal vibe.

Neutral colours are very on trend this autumn/winter, but those brighter colours that walked onto the fashion scene in the early 1970s are becoming more and more popular, with dusty pink trending throughout the summer, and being replaced with bright orange ready for AW 16.

Roll neck jumpers are also a reoccurring classic and are a good sort of look this season, with the ability to wear them formally or casually appealing to most individuals.

Winter is now well underway, and layering is essential when choosing your outfits in the morning. The resurrection of shearling that was sported throughout fashion week is ideal for wrapping up but staying on trend  and is now stocked by most high-end designers and high-street retailers.

Although sportswear is more associated with the 1980s and The Beatles, it first came into fashion in the late 1970s  and has certainly been resurrected this autumn/winter. The tracksuit brings that classic street vibe to your wardrobe, with the informal attire that was ever so popular during the mid-1970s, walking back into the fashion industry once again.

So what has brought back the 1970s style this autumn/winter? Men’s fashion is certainly on the rise at the minute, and originality is key, which I think is the main reason for the comeback of that retro seventies attire.

So will the 1970s mullet soon be featured on the catwalk? I think not, but only time will tell…


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