Tangerine Dream: Best menswear this week

Our Fashion Editor’s guide to the best menswear available right now

By Michael Rathbone

Winter is upon us, and the temptation to pull out that black roll neck is creeping in. Instead, why not use a sunshine shade to brighten up those overcast days? My favourite right now is bright orange, whether you layer a tangerine hoodie underneath your wool coat, or pair a bright waist-pack with that all black ensemble, there are plenty of ways to incorporate some brightness into your winter wardrobe. Check out my pick of the best pieces available now.

Heron Preston, £273,



Prada, £640,

Champion, £85,

off-white, £145,

Levi’s, £150,

Stüssy, £45,

Canada Goose, £495, (Available from Friday 23rd November)

Cheap Monday, £59,

Baracuta, £475,

New Era, £60,

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