Menswear Style Star Of The Week: Filippo Bologni

Starring in our first weekly feature named “Menswear Style Star Of The Week” is Filippo Bologni.

Starring in our first weekly feature named “Menswear Style Star Of The Week” is Filippo Bologni. 

Ph by Adam Katz Sinding
Italian-born with an “American state of mind”, he has recently paved the way onto astounding Fashion capitals by bewitching the sight of world-wide audiences and publications, owning an exquisite fascinating yet arresting allure. 

At 16, Mr. Bologni took on a job as a club promoter, which enthused him to the point of further-deepening an interest related to the public relation sphere. Once he concluded a Humanities Diploma in Florence, he subsequently chose to move to Milan, where he begun to work as press assistant for numerous firms. 

Years of internships enabled him to quickly upgrade to Head of PR at Koral Communication, well-known agency which aided him to gain an utterly valuable package of experience, which he defines “fruitful” for what he perceived forthcoming in his journey. September 2018 was the crucial turn for his career: Mr. Bologni had founded a PR agency in the heart of Milan, alongside a friend and now business-partner Maria Campadel, making him PR Director at the age of 22.

Leading menswear style inspirations include icons such as Justin Bieber, Mike Amiri and Simone Marchetti, just to mention a few. 

Urban-chic? Undoubtedly, thebest definition for such an outstanding style, which arrays from a simple CP Company polo neck sweatshirt to a majestic double-breasted tuxedo overcoat by Yves Saint Laurent. 

Majorly influenced by the “everyday” street moods, he has caught the attention of international Fashion journalists and photographers – all this, thanks to his “trend magnetism”.

One to watch? For sure. 

If you haven’t already heard the phrase “Italians do it better”, I can assure that in terms of style, this aspect is severely inevitable!


Words @chido.obasi

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