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Portrait series of young gentlemen

Portraits of Lithuanian Boys

Arnis Matvejevs wearing: Trousers EZ COLLEZIONI

Kiri Zacepin wearing: Trousers LEONSBERG

Artjom Ramuts wearing: Shorts LEONSENBERG

Rihard Drevinskis wearing: Trousers and scarf ST. VINCENT

Models: Arnis Matvejevs @arnismatvejevs , Artjom Ramuts @_ramut, Kiril Zacepin, Maikl Mihelsons @mmihelsons, Rihard Drevinskis @rixo1 @ Bro models
Photography: Migle Golubickaite @miglegolubickaite
Styling: Almina Venclovaite @avenclov and Giedre Kvaraciejute @izabelegiedre

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