PEOPLE’S TALK – Luca Falcioni.

Born and raised in one of the world’s cultural capitals, his innate passion for the arts gave him the chance to work for iconic luxury brands, enhancing his creative zeal to pursue Fashion as a career.

Proud of his Italian heritage:

Born and raised in one of the world’s cultural capitals, his innate passion for the arts gave him the chance to work for iconic luxury brands, enhancing his creative zeal to pursue Fashion as a career. 

Mr Falcioni offered to share his journey within Fashion as well as the tips which aided him to succeed in industry.  

Hello there, so how are you doing today?

Very well actually, pretty busy! I just got back from Fashion month. 

I’ve been to London, Milan and Paris and I can affirm to have had so much fun. 

I love Fashion Week, purely because you are constantly meeting an innumerable amount of fascinating people and intriguing individuals. The shows this season were really impressive! 

However, it’s time for me to get back to work. I am ready to get crazy with some new projects!

What is your full name?

Luca Falcioni. 

4 words that describe you?

Proudly Italian, very stubborn, big dreamer and perhaps a “little bit “crazy.

What is your job role?

I’m a Stylist and Fashion Editor at Wonderland, Rollacoaster and Man About Town Magazines

What’s the favourite thing about your job? 

I guess being around creativity and exciting people is definitely very important for my life and overall career. I think I wouldn’t be able to work without being free to express my style and ideas. I love being close to people who inspire my vision. 

Also, I love when you find someone who is just like yourself. 

People who speak the same language and listen to you are assuredly fundamental. 

It makes me feel alive.

How did you start up? How did you grow?

It all happened very quickly. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. 

I used to collect magazines delving into topics covering Fashion, art and more. 

When I was a teenager, I adored going to school and dressing up every day, coming up with my own style and keeping up with what was going on in industry. 

I guess I was trying to figure out how I would fit in the industry. 

In the meantime, I was undertaking a degree at “La Sapienza University”, located in Rome, my hometown. 

My first step in Fashion took place at the Fendi’s Head Offices in Rome, where I started working as an intern. At the time, I was assigned to work in the brand’s archive, I still remember the “weird” feeling it caused within me. I was totally charmed by the Fendi heritage. 

I was so proud, yet scared at the same time, especially when someone asked me to arrange the Karl Lagerfeld’s design sketches: I felt so inspired by his expertise. 

I never had the opportunity of meeting him in person but you know, I still have time for that, right? 

After that experience, I was a bit over my life in Italy and I decided to move to London, where I’m currently based. 

I started working as a Brand Specialist and Manager in Selfridges, luxurious shopping destination based in London. 

Although my focus was primarily evolved around sales, I noticed how I was constantly helping my clients to style themselves. Ultimately, I realised how I was making them feel good, giving them a deep sense of confidence. 

From that moment, I realised that styling was exactly what I always wanted to pursue. Whilst still working at Selfridges, I was offered an internship at Wonderland Magazine, where I progressed very shortly becoming Fashion Editor: I begun working as a Stylist for online Fashion stories and then moving into printed spreads. 

 Why did you choose to follow the Fashion route as opposed to another?

I am not sure in all honesty. I don’t think I would have been able to take on any other job. I would have never been able to work in a field where I couldn’t have fully expressed myself as I do in Fashion. 

I’ve always been attracted to beauty in general, and all my interests for

cinematography, music, arts and dance still coexist. 

These disciplines continuously help me to express myself, my style and my work. 

I really believe that our destiny is designed for each of us and life is all a matter of finding the right path to feel happy. 

You know what? I am Italian, and being one made me to grow up surrounded by history, culture and family. 

This last aspect mentioned influenced my way of thinking and approaching life. 

Anywhere you go in Italy, you can feel Fashion not just as a trend but as a true way of living. We love quality fabrics, we love food. Probably the only thing apart from fashion, it would have been the food industry. 

Sometimes I think I would like to own a little restaurant in one of the alleys in Rome. But please, don’t make me start talking about food…

Is there something that makes your persona unique?

I am happy we are all different and unique: it would be so boring otherwise. 

We are all different in a beautiful way. I’m just very honest to myself and I believe in my own style. That’s all. You are free to follow your own ideas and learn how to not consider what other people think. 

Also, people think Fashion has specific rules… Well yes, I have worked very hard to get where I am now. However, we’re all humans and we’re all beautiful the way we are. Never change yourself for anything in the world!

7- What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt, being in the Fashion industry?

Being in the Fashion industry can be very harsh at times. 

When you’re not well known it may seem not easy to connect with all the “trend-setting people”

I feel like there’s something mysterious about it, because it becomes so simple in a very short timeframe. Fashion runs very fast and changes a lot every day. 

It’s like you never know what to expect. You have to be always ready to challenge yourself and get ready for what’s forthcoming. 

Fashion is a fast, ruthless and a never-ending run. 

If you’re too lazy, you’re not going make it very easily. 

Sounds like life, don’t you think?

Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in Fashion?

Be yourself! Don’t fear challenges. If you get in trouble or if something doesn’t work, that’s part of the path. Don’t dwell on negativity. Go ahead. Keep pushing. You’re the only one who can change your life. No excuses!

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