“No Tell Motel” An art series by Photographer Asaf Einy

Asaf is a photographer based in TLV and presents us with a great art material …

Shirt- Roni Bar Suit- sack’s Boots- Gucci vintage for Loni vintage
Pants- Tali Kushnir


Socks- Maya Bash Underpants- Private collection Jacket- D&G for outside society


Shirt- Doron Ashkenazi for outside society Belt- Versace for Loni vintage Jeans- calvin klein


Boots- Loni vintage Hat- Loni vintage Underpants- Private collection
Suit- H&M STUDIO Shirt- cos


“No Tell Motel”

Photographer- Asaf Einy @AsafEiny

Stylist- Shay Lee Nissim @ShayleeNissim

Model- Muhammad Toukhy @MuhammadToukhy