“NO FILTER Q&A” Pietro Baltazar

We are happy to introduce Pietro with No Filter answering some great questions by Collen...

To say I am excited with this weeks model would be an understatement. Rarely do I see a face that catches me off guard and Pietro Baltazar is that face. I came across a photo of him lying in the ocean on a surfboard, while casually scrolling through Tumblr. I shortly after discovered that the image was part of an extensive editorial.

I immediately knew that this guy was going to be huge and told the Lewis Team despite me only seeing one image of him but soon enough we were all seeing the editorial everywhere. His face then came up again, in the middle of Paris Fashion Week walking at the Balmain Show. We all couldn’t deny that this guy looks like the next big thing, he had seemingly come out of nowhere and was walking in the biggest show at Paris Men's Fashion Week. We had to know more about him and his origins, so we got him to sit and chat with to us for a little “NO FILTER Q&A'.


Hey Pietro


How would you describe yourself?

"A calm face, peaceful guy, daytime lover, an athlete, who loves to play football and play sports, live close to nature, the sea... who loves to venture!"

Where are you from? 

"I'm Brazilian, I was born in Salvador, Bahia, but I’ve lived in Rio de Janeiro since I was 7 years old !!!"

When and how were you discovered?

"I was discovered at a party by Sergio Mattos, owner of the @40 Graus Models agency in Rio de Janeiro, who invited me to a party where I was watching the football final, that Brazil defeated Germany and was gold in the Olympics, Last year, August 20... A joyous day!


What was the reason for the dramatic makeover from the curly chestnut to your now shiny blond hair?

"It was a request for an editorial, I liked the idea, I have no problem changing my hair, I like all the ways!"


Was the Balmain SS18 Show your first show and how was it walking for them?

"Yes, it was my first show. It was incredible, I was very excited to make my debut in Paris and with Balmain! During the show, I was asked if I was nervous, but I was very calm!”

Just having done a huge show like the Balmain. What other fashion houses do you want to work for?

"Simple, for the best! But as I have a great affection for Italy, I would like to work with some fashion house there, such as Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci ... "


Is there a photographer you are really looking forward to working with?

"Bruce Weber!"

What is your favourite song right now?

"My favourite song in the universe will always be Wonderwall, from Oasis! But I love to listen to The Smiths and Tupac along with Oasis, they are my favourites !!


What’s your favourite thing to do when you're not working?

Playing football for sure, second option would be on the beach or doing some trail! "


Do you have any secret skills or talents?

"I know how to do ripples in the belly, which is a Yoga technique! Everyone thinks it's strange, hahahaha. I also like to cook and my mum loves my food  ? "


Where would you like to be in 5 years?

"Somewhere beautiful, I've never gone, and feel that sense of newness, knowledge, new cultures !! Maybe in Thailand, or in Hawaii!"


Where can people find him and follow his work?

"You can follow me in the Instagram @pietrobaltazar, and my agency @40grausmodels. I will love your visit, for you to see my work and the snaps that I do of my beautiful little sister!!”

Special thank you @bananasmodels



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