NEW TALENT – Axel Thechi.

Mr. Thechi shares his journey within Fashion and shares his tips which aided him to succeed in industry.

French neo-graduate and now studio manager at Liam Hodges.

Mr. Thechi shares his journey within Fashion and shares his tips which aided him to succeed in industry.

1 – Hello there, so how are you doing today? 

Hi! I’m good man thanks!

2 – What is your full name?

My name is Axel Thechi.

4 words that describe you (or a brief description about yourself?)

Contentious, patient, ambitious and I always try to remain introspective

5 -What is your job role?

I’m currently the Studio manager for Liam Hodges, where I also work on the collections, shoes and accessories. I also assist with production. In my free time I do freelance footwear and accessories design.

6 – What’s the favourite thing about your job?

My team plays a big role in my job fulfilment, but ultimately being part of the brand expansion and development is what I enjoy most.

7 – How did you start up? How did you (or your business) grow?

I’m from Bordeaux, city located in the south of France where I completed a BA degree in Product Design in 2017.

I decided to move to London after I completed my placement at J.W. ANDERSON in accessories design.

Following that, I secured an internship with Liam Hodges for 3 months which resulted with an opportunity to become the new Studio manager.

8 – Why did you choose to follow the Fashion (or creative) route as opposed to another?

I’ve always had a creative vision, wanting to explore the different aspects of design. It’s always been a focal part of my character, therefore it felt natural to pursue a career in this industry. I think my interest in fashion grew through my experiences. Indeed, I learned more about fashion thanks to my first internship with a vegan and eco-innovative sneaker brand named ROMBAUT, based in Paris.  

9 – Is there something that makes your persona unique (or stand out?)

People never know what I’m thinking.

10 – What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt, being in the Fashion (or creative) industry?

Working in fashion is not just a job, you have to be fully immersed in all aspects of life. But I’m only 22 so I still have a lot to learn.

11 – Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in Fashion?

Always push your creativity, work hard and share your vision.

 12 – Would you like to express one last thing?

 Spread love only fam. 


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