Crowdfunding Campaign to produce our first independent short film project.


We are Lewis Magazine, a London-based fashion and lifestyle print publication, focussing on issues of diversity and politics. We are not afraid to push boundaries and to pose questions that are not often talked about in the media.

Lewis Magazine finds, and cultivates connections; between people and topics, emphasising our oneness – of the position of human diversity in our environment.

With this project we will be moving on from our roots in print to pursue a film avenue; something that, with our backgrounds in photography and performance, we are well-equipped for.

NEW FACE will be the first of many short films that we will produce – focussing on airing issues in the fashion world that are often brushed under the carpet, we hope to create a platform for open discussion. Through our films we hope to highlight these downfalls with the aim that, once talked about, we can move beyond them.

NEW FACE is a drama about Charlie, a young boy from the country who gets scouted by a modelling agency and presented with an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ to become a model in London.
Charlie’s journey reflects an experience of many young models as he becomes exposed to the dark side of the fashion industry.

Alone and confused he struggles to maintain his identity when faced with the rampant abuse of power, misconduct of top photographers and the pressures from his booker to succeed. Charlie feels trapped as he is no longer able to return home and resorts to substance abuse in order to numb his pain. He hides behind a mask; using drugs to enable him to look collected on the outside, masking his battle against anxiety.
Charlie avoids his issues and subsequently finds himself spiralling out of control until he unexpectedly finds love and most importantly hope.


The ‘show no weakness’ bravado that accompanies male stereotypes often discourages men to talk out about their mental health and encourages them, instead to hide behind an ‘I’m OK’ mask. Yet in 2017 in England and Wales, approximately 1 in 100 men have reported sexual assault (it is expected that more cases will have gone unreported).

In a world of high-powered, influential ‘big names’ it is difficult for the new young models to have their voices not only heard, but taken seriously. Our aim is to use this platform to give a voice to men who have suffered sexual abuse and misconduct inside the fashion world.
We are using our position from inside the industry and standing up to show that it is not acceptable that others turn a blind eye. We hope that in doing this we can give confidence to people to speak out, and to not allow themselves be silenced.

By supporting this short film you are providing a precedence – saying that we no longer support this violence against young male models, and helping them to feel that it is ok to talk about it.


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