Model Talk – Remington Perregaux By Lalo Torres

Exclusive Interview with Remington represented by Soul Artist Management



1 – Place of Birth?

Boca Ratón, Florida.

2- When and how have you started modeling?

I was big in everything fitness my whole life, lots of photoshoots and competitions, which led me to NYC. I was very blessed to meet some amazing agents and photographers there that helped mentor me to mold me into my most marketable self (losing 45lbs and growing my hair out from a fohawk lol).
3- Best Holiday? A Place you would love to visit it?

Christmas! Because Christmas day is my beautiful baby girls birthday. She is a stunning all white husky shepherd that is my everything. I would love to take her hiking in Aspen one day for her birthday.
4- Highlights of your career so far?

Shooting with Bruce Weber for V magazine! I remember years ago laying in bed talking to my roommate saying to him how amazing that would be to just meet Bruce.

@Lalo Torres

5- Favorite Color?

6- A place in NY you must visit if you are a tourist.

Central Park.
7- Favorite Singer?

Mac Miller
8- What food makes you happy?

9- A special movie?

The Godfather movies!
10- A fitness tip

Resistance is the key!! Resistance training puts the most metabolic stress on the muscle resulting in optimal growth as well as putting your metabolism in hyper drive!

11-A fashion one

You will always look better being yourself than trying to rock someone else.
12- How would you describe your style?

I’m a preppy gangsta 🙂

@Lalo Torres

13-Last Clothing item you have bought it?

14- What is your favorite aftershave?

Your supposed to use aftershave?
15- Nickname?

16- Something unusual about you not many people know about it.

I break my phone every two weeks

17- Advice to other models

If it’s true to your heart never give up on it.

@Lalo Torres