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PRADA Autumn/Winter 2019

PRADA article by our Fashion Writer Luca Buddenhagen.

The Living Dead – A Love story 

Arguably one of the house’s most unconventional reference points to date, Prada’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection plays with off-kilter themes for its runway presentation. Drawing influence from “Frankenstein to The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Miuccia shows the fashion world the possibilities when merging traditional compositions in costume to the contemporary silhouettes that we see in today’s ever-changing styles. “It had to be a romantic show. And mainly I was interested in the understanding of humanity: weakness and the more delicate and naked aspects of humanity also… But to make it not boring… we borrowed the symbols of trashy horror movies.” She explained to Vogue.

As such, the sci-fi aptitude blends with the utilitarian-indebted aspects we see over and over again in today’s fashion. Pouch-laden bags, bomber jackets and cargo pants, were undermined in their functional disposition by plush wools and the glaze of Prada’s signature nylon. Chunky footwear, furry headgear and sweaters as well as lightning bolt motifs reinforce the classic monster movie influence, encouraged by mad scientist shades, gleefully diversified against an array of trim suiting and pleated trousers. Additionally, the return of the iconic graphic boxy shirts, completed with matching bags, help liven the monotonous deeper colours present such as navy, black, olive and grey.


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