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“Mi$creant by Trent Pace”

Two miscreant teens have pulled a heist and stolen a load of cash and clothing and are preparing to flee the city. In their last night before they leave, they are taking one last opportunity to check out the sights and revel in their newfound riches and threads. They are confident, they are stylish and they are ready to do it all again.

Team credits:

Photographer: Instagram: @trentpacephoto

Talent: Jarrod Sullivan @ Greg Tyshing Represents – GTR Global Instagram: @jarrodsullivan_

Kye Wall @ Greg Tyshing Represents – GTR Global & Chadwick Models.
Instagram: @kye_wall

Stylist: Adam Helal Instagram: @adamosstate

Assistant Stylist: Charlie Wells Instagram: @black.palms

Grooming: Missie Villamor Instagram: @missievillamor


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