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5 things you need to know about Michiko Koshino AW19

Michiko Koshino’s AW19 presentation article by our article by our Fashion Writer Luca Buddenhagen.

5 Facts

Being one of the most fun and interactive presentations at London Fashion Week this season, Koshino’s presentation was far from forgettable. Her Autumn/Winter collection boasts both complexity in design and creativity in the way the pieces can be worn; a trait not many brands can relate to this season.

1- This season, Koshino left behind her rave aesthetic to revisit her previous inspirations, namely her iconic ’Motor King’ collection.

2- A pattern cutter by trade, Michiko’s intricate understanding of silhouette can be identified within the shape of her garments

3- Her heavy use of camouflage, leather, waxed cotton and khaki tones are clearly inspired by the masculinity that society often associates with cross-country activities.

6- However her use of personal sketches from her art archives provide a sense of sensitivity to this collection, suggesting that there is always more than what meets the eye.

5- Despite revisiting previous ideas in her collections, Koshino continues to experiment by returning to the roots of her design principles – characterising a new theme of unique silhouettes, strong structures and escapism.

+ 3 extra ones

6- A household name in her native Japan and throughout Europe, Michiko reinterprets trends that she has helped to create in her AW19 collection, ensuring that she remains sensitive to the brand’s core and its future. 

7- Michiko turns the traditional seasonal dogma on its head: summery, rebellious and fluorescent bright lining inside the garments diffuse the Autumnal vibe purveyed by Khaki outwear and leather.

8- The collection’s textures comprise of heavy cotton, mixed-waxed fabrics, nylon and recycled technology materials.



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