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LFWM: Mowalola AW19

Mowalola article by our Fashion Writer Luca Buddenhagen.


A Journey to Self-Love

‘I’m interested in exposure – whether the emotional exposure, showing your skin, or becoming fully vulnerable – and the idea of expressing that through the way you dress.’ – Mowalola Ogunlesi

With her debut show at London Fashion Week, Mowalola proved that she is a woman of her word.  Titled ‘Exposure’, the collection explores what it means to be totally free when baring all, a concept largely unexplored in contemporary fashion.

Tight-tailored bumsters, sections of body suits, cut-out shirting and knee-high Louboutins project a hyper-sexual liberation as well as inspiration from Artist Lea Colombo where we see her nude self-printed and painted atop micro-minis, Napa trench coats and pebbled lambskin or calf jackets. 

As a tribute to the moving, communal power of club culture and music, we see hints of music video aesthetics throughout the collection: from Lil’Kim to Yves Tumour to Hype Williams. The merging of the decades’ most iconic movements creates a new utopia which is visually translated into Mowalola’s collection. As Vogue’s Olivia Singer so rightly said, ‘These are clothes to lose yourself, and find yourself, in’.  

During a period where levels of self-awareness and need for acceptance overbears their spiritual freedom and self-acceptance, Mowalola has shone a light on the matter; eradicating it through radical love and the celebration of individuality.



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