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LFWM: Liam Hodges AW19

Liam Hodges article by our Fashion Writer Luca Buddenhagen.

Lost in Translation

Liam Hodges – ‘Mutations In the 4th Dimension’

I think it is safe to say that all present or not at Liam Hodges’ AW19 show on Saturday were moved in one way or another, whether it be from the beauty in its lacking of social conformity or when the show turned into an opera house before the grand finale.

Liam Hodges’ ‘Mutations In the 4th Dimension’ celebrates what it means to be yourself and to break away from the social conformities that surround our everyday lives. With rapid progressions in culture thanks to social media we follow trends in all aspects of life however this in many cases leads to a loss in originality, a concept expressed beautifully through Liam’s collection as he begins to explore a new pathway for future generations; one where people care less about what others think and more about their true identities.

In collaboration with Ellesse, the collection features an array of ski jackets with graphics of salt crystals magnified under a powerful microscope. Additionally, the tracksuits take on what Liam considered to be the form of a tesseract, a four-dimensional cube that exists within mathematics however can only be rendered in 2D, which further expresses the idea of seeking a sense belonging in an ever-changing world. T-shirts are printed with repros of T-shirts, creating a glitching effect and are complemented by bio-punk prints, inspired by artist Lee Bul.


Take a look at the collection in our gallery below:

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