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    Keenan Kelley shot by Karina Ordell…

White ruffle blouse; H&M, Studio Collection; Black velvet trousers; Safety pin earring, Tailcoat and vintage top hat with netting detail, stylist’s own vintage collection.

Velvet pendant choker, stylist’s own.

Sheer black ruffle-cuff blouse, black tie waist pants, earring- all H&M Studio Collection.

Turtleneck sweater -H&M Studio Collection; latex glove- stylist’s own; black zipper corset-stylist’s own.

Photographer: Karina Ordell – www.karinaordell.com / @karina_ordell
Model: Keenan Kelley, Margaux Models – @keenan.kelley
Wardrobe: James Harris – www.jhstyles.com / @jhstyles
Makeup/Grooming: Hanny Tjan – www.hannymakeup.com / @appliedbyme


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