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Just another hotel room – Marius Melbye By Markus Mjaaland

Photographer Markus Mjaaland Markus and team makes  his debut at Lewis, presenting model Markus Mjaaland  @Idol Looks

Markus Mjaaland is a Norwegian photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. He is currently studying fashion media and communications at University of the Arts London; London College of Fashion.

Styled with pieces from Mardou&Dean, Souterrain, vintage and models’ own (tank top).


Just another hotel room


Photography: Markus Mjaaland @markusmjaaland
Model: Marius Melbye @ Idol Looks @marius.melbye
Styling: Tarek Hamidi @tarekhamidi
Hair: Malin Åsard Wallin @ Escape hairdressing @mmalinwallin
Makeup: Pia Ruud @piaruud 
Photography Assistant: Emma Sukalic @emmasukalic

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