Interview with Tymber Newton.
The saturation of the creative field is rather off-putting, especially for young-entrepreneurs trying to set up a first stone with their imaginative visions.

 Interview with Tymber Newton.

The saturation of the creative field is rather off-putting, especially for young-entrepreneurs trying to set up a first stone with their imaginative visions.

The prank? Certainly not for the fearful.

American-born designer, Tymber Newton debuted his first collection during the Spring/ Summer 19 season at London Fashion Week. 

He kindly offered to share his tips about the journey he chose to undertake within the Fashion system, emphasizing the importance of humbleness and meekness, aspects which led him to set off an “ceaselessly-desired” dream.

Hello there, so how are you doing today?

Hi Chido! I’m doing well, currently in the process of preparing the TYMBER AW19 show which is happening just in a few weeks! 

What is your full name?

My name is Tymber Newton.

4 words that describe you?

If I could describe myself in four words, mmm…I’d say that I’m Hardworking, Passionate, Daring, and Loving!

What is your job role?

I am a designer, currently building my Fashion brand. 

It’s a process that I find fun, meaningful and beneficial to nurture myself. 

What’s the favourite thing about your job?

As a designer, I feel that my favourite aspect evolves around freedom: anything is possible when you’re creating Fashion. The impossible can just happen.

How did you start up? How did you (or your business) grow?

I began designing when I was studying in an American high school, as I attended Fashion College. Back then, I created my first ever runway show.

Since I moved to London a few years back, I’ve stuck to the same routine which enables me to create clothes and of course, plan shows. I am currently building my brand to reach the stage of selling my craft. 

My dream is to create a mini pop up shop and an online selling point within the next year hopefully. 

Why did you choose to follow the Fashion route as opposed to another?

During my early years, my aspiration was to become an airline pilot; however, I was never good in the scientific area of knowledge, reason for which I dived away from that idea after a short period of time. 

I then chose fashion, after viewing dozens of catwalk shows for hours as a child: it was the only thing that took me into a whole new world of fantasy and unconditional freedom. 

I found a sense of peace, placidity and rest in the process of creating and I knew that the job of being a Fashion designer was inevitably the best for me. 

It’s one of the only careers that I can fully commit too and transmit emotions to everyone else, including myself. 

Is there something that makes your persona unique?

I feel that what makes me unique is my eye for details, aimed at modern or noteworthy movements that I love to portray within my work. 

I think it’s important to not lose inspiration but most importantly, not to lose the connection with current trends and so on.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt, being in the Fashion industry?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far would probably be not to rely on the “middle man” who is all talk but no deliver. Focus on yourself and your work. Don’t put your work in jeopardy by someone else’s inability to deliver what you want. 

You have to keep it moving. Even if that means keep up with negative energy from people, who bring a sense of false hope or promises. Nobody has time to waste (perhaps some people do); however, I’ve learned this lesson throughout my life and career. 

Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in Fashion?

If you’re going to begin a career in Fashion, please be mindful to keep it humble. Boost up your confidence but remain humble. I cannot stress the aspect of humility: you have to respect the world and those around you. 

Recently, I managed to hang out with one of my favourite supermodels Kristen McMenamy. She is an extremely kind-hearted soul, who gave me the best word of advice, in which she stressed to stay humble and to do my best in my own capacity. From that meeting? Plenty of food for thought.

Would you like to express one last thing?

Yes: when you take on a job in Fashion, EMBRACE IT! Find the balance between fun and love in it. Do it for yourself and try not to force it, otherwise you’ll be unhappy. Find love in what you in order to reap the benefits. 

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