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Henrique Padilha – Studio

Photographer  Henrique Padilha and Stylist Dani Nucci presenting models  Savane Gonzalez   Davi Bona , Alessandro Pscheidt , Eduardo Riffel and João Orlandin Joy Model














PHOTOGRAPHY: Henrique Padilha @henrique_padilha STYLING: Dani Nucci @daninucci
MODELS: Savane Gonzalez ( Ford Models ) @svngnz Davi Bona ( Way Model ) @_davigbona

Alessandro Pscheidt ( OXYgen Models ) @alee_pscheidt Eduardo Riffel ( Ford Models ) @riffel_edu
João Orlandin( Joy Model ) @orlandin
GROOMING: Rafel Melo Ramos @rafaelmeloramos RETOUCHING: Doctor RAW @doctorraw_retouching PHOTO ASSISTANT: Marcelo Andrade @mna_1981


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