Hair Power

Exclusive series of images inspired from British Teddy Boys & Current trends of music industry...

Taking  Inspiration from British Teddy boys & current subculture trends from the music industry with a strong influence from The Killers & The Kooks Music diary's of a   staring in a series of images shot by Stephanie Sinclair  creative director which coincided with The Photographer Of this collection Shane Antony Sinclair.

Using variety of heated equipment's and tools Like  crimpers ,tongs and Wounds to mold and shape as seen in Images  Making a very technical  approach seeming seamless and effortless. Almost giving an amplified effect that been injected  with a sensual masculinity 

Photographically we wanted to have Strength and contrast creating bold shadows and   colors which are true representation of the models individuality

Image Production/Creative Direction : Christopher Gatt
Hair stylist:Christopher Gatt   www.christophergatt.com
Hair assistant :Sunlight Johnson
Hair Colour Technician: Oliver Harper
Photographer: Shane Anthony Sinclair
Makeup Artist: Caterina Mannarino
Clothes Stylist: Phoenix Yang

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