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LFWM: Cottweiler AW19

Cottweiler article by our Fashion Writer Luca Buddenhagen.

The Laws of Attraction

Duo Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell, curated an ominous yet celebratory underground dystopian to present their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. The scene is set in an East London car park. Two oversized urinals were placed on either side of the runway and were covered in moss, bringing an eerie, abandoned atmosphere to the show. This, complemented by ambient drum beats, signalled the  commencing of the show.

Throughout the collection, the designers have challenged to social norms an connotations associated to masculine dress. Golfers strutted down the runway in belt pairings, sleek tracksuits and matrix-esque shades, alluding to the idea of purpose and formality. Partly undressed businessmen follow the golfers in oversized black parka jackets. Moss, leafy greens and olive dominated the collection’s deeper palette, allowing a space for cleverly calculated clashes with white and blue tones.

Homoerotiscism is a theme that surfaces recurrently in Cottweiler’s design principles, and this season the pair brought this motion into full swing. Acid wash jeans are splashed in a deep dye around the crotch, belts extended to form loose handkerchiefs branded with the brand’s nominative C – notably, one model carries a fetching stick and dog leash  with a tennis ball in the tow.

Somewhere in the mix of undone zips exposing chest, tucked shirts and collars, exposed buttock and the subtlety of disguise from the cpas and shades Dainty and Cottrell capture the adrenaline of a passing encounter leaving you hot and flustered.



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